To move? Better than to burn down..

Moving, relocating, forwarding, rent-a-wreck. Everything You ever wanted to carry and Your car wasn´t big enough. Experience, reliability, positive attitude.

BIG VAN (primarily for moving etc.) – Fiat Ducato Combinato L2H2 2.8 i.d.TDdimensions
capacity and payload: up to 8,5 m3 or 9 people (incl. driver), 1200 kg
basic price (transport): 10 CZK/km, 200 CZK/hour. Discounts for longer journeys and other good reasons. Details HERE

MINIBUS (primarily for renting) – Fiat Scudo II Panorama L2H1 140Fiat Scudo
capacity and payload: up to 8 people (incl. driver) or 4,4 m3, 800 kg
basic price (renting): 500 CZK/day + 5 CZK/km. Details HERE

SMALL MPV (primarily as „rent-a-wreck“) – Citroën Evasion 1.9 TDdimensions
capacity and payload: up to 7 people (incl. driver) or 3,3 m3, 760 kg
basic price (renting): 5 – 8 CZK/km, (the further You go, the less You pay) + 100 CZK/day. Details HERE

For more info please feel free to call me at +420 776 645 346. I speak english (quite well), german (nur ein Bischen) and russian (plocho).