When you need a big car for little money – for holiday, moving, tour, trip and for everything. You can have newish 8-seat minibus, a little less newish big van and 9-seat van.

All the vehicles are well maintained and in good technical conditions, despite not all of them look so. We’re using them as well, and we wouldn’t drive unreliable craps. Actually, the cars are merely practical than beautiful. Take it this way: for the money, you can easily have friend’s rusty Twingo or father’s Volvo, but definitely not a car of that size.

We really won’t get rich from that, but it helps us with necessary running costs. It’s quite similar to a carsharing, but it’s actually not a carsharing itself. If you like to know more, feel free to ask, write, or invite us for a pint..

big van for big stuffbig van for a dirty jobminibus for a not-so-dirty job