transport: 13 15 CZK/km (van 15 m3, incl. driver)
… or maybe much less, check our oncoming trips

labor on the spot: 400 CZK/hour (1 worker) + 350 CZK/hour (each additional helping hands, if demanded)
loading, unloading, dismantlement, assembly

telephone consultations, visitation, measuring, calculations, packing foils: for free

banana boxes for packing – if demanded: several hundreds CZK, including delivery

We are VAT free, we don’t apply extra charge for weekends or holidays.
Our van fits to all low-emission zones in Europe.


box van (up to 22 m3 / only 1000 kg!) or trailer (up to 20 m3 / 3000 kg): generally around 15 to 18 CZK/km
overnight journeys, moving abroad: individual calculation (based on numbers above)
Extra payments such as ferrys etc. are subject to individual calculation as well.


moving from Brno to Prague: from 6000 CZK
(typical route within Czech)

some past abroad movings:
– Oslo: 39000 CZK
– Rotterdam: 19000 CZK
– Tallinn: 35000 CZK
– Athens: 49500 CZK
(mostly involving a huge amount of manual labor)


13th January: Brno → Hamburg
January/February: Greece → BG → RO → HU → SK → CZ
March: Sweden → CZ
very often: Brno → Praha → Brno
On these particular routes, we can bring along some small stuff for a very little money, or some less small stuff for a less little money.


– invite your friends for loading and unloading, take it as a social occasion
– “hard” and fragile stuff (e.g. books, dishes) belongs to stackable boxes, like banana-boxes
– big plastic bags are good for a “soft” stuff (e.g. clothes)
– get rid of ugly or useless craps – the moving price is beyond their value