smaller van

dimensions (click)Fiat Ducato Combinato L2H2 2.8 i.d.TD, year 2000

capacity: 3 / 6 / 9 people (removable benches – the front one is also foldable)
volume: 8,5 / 6 / 3 m3
payload: ca 1200 kg
curb/total weight: ca 2050/3250 kg (= “B-class” driving license)
towing capacity: 2000 kg (“B+E” license obligatory!)

power: 90 kW
max. speed: 150 km/h
recommended cruising speed: up to 130 km/h
fuel consumption: 8 to 11 l/100 km

luxury: darkened windows, central locking, electric windows, radio with AUX
tools: moving straps, compression straps, stretch wraps, power drill (on demand), hand truck (if needed), roof racks (for the brave ones)


Fiat Ducato Combinatoitalian car with french trailer